Sunday, 31 August 2008

Last Post for August

Let's hope that the weather here in the North East takes a turn for the better as it's been truly awful during August! Last night my daughter Christie had her mates over and it gave me a perfect photographic opportunity. ....even though she hates it when then camera comes out

This is entitled 'Robbie Unposed' - He's looking very cool if you ask me!

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Say Hello to Lola and Beatrice!

I don't have any bride or grooms to photograph this weekend so I thought I'd post a few photos of my two adorable nieces Lola (aged two and a half) and Beatrice (aged 10 months). The two little monsters belong to my brother Paul and his girlfriend Ann. Lola is a incredible chatterbox and loves to have fun and Bea is just finding her feet and adores her big sister. I love taking photos of these two and literally have hundreds of great shots of them.....these three are my current faves.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Louise and Craig at The Ramside Hall Hotel and it was sunny!

I know. Sun. Remember that yellow ball in the sky? Well Louise must have put in a special order because sunny days have been few and far between in August!

This was a shorter wedding than normal was we only covered up to the start of the reception but it was just as much fun as any other. Louise and Craig are a lovely couple who had two adorable flowergirls. They were very shy at first but once all the formal stuff was out the way they were more then happy to play with the photographers! Oh and today I've been getting to grips with Lightroom and it's an amazing bit of software. I really love it and I hope it will improve my editing for the next couple of weddings. I've got a few weeks break and next wedding is Friday 12 September.

By Karen McGowran for Mandy Charlton Photography

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Emma and Mark Tie the Knot at Gorgeous Headlam Hall

Emma and Mark are a gorgeous and stylish couple who chose Headlam Hall for the location of their beautiful wedding. Emma was a bride after my own heart as she had planned every detail and it all paid off! Every tiny detail was beautiful and it was a joy to share their day. I've chosen four of my favourite shots and hope you like them too. The last shot is a salt and pepper pot....I told you this bride had thought of everything!

By Karen McGowran for Mandy Charlton Photography

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Disco Inferno!

I do some odd things (my husband will back up this statement). I've been struggling with taking good dancefloor shots and wanted to practice so I set up Christie's old disco ball in the living room and tried to capture the lights around the room. I wasn't really happy with the results but the disco ball was very interesting...
So I lowered the shutter speeds for some motion blur and this is what I got...

Monday, 18 August 2008

16 August was Dee and Steven's Wedding Day!

And what a fab day it was! We started out at Dee's house where her bridemaids helped her get ready. Music was playing and the drinks were flowing - exactly like it should be on the morning of your wedding with your girlfriends. The wedding and reception were at the Assembly Rooms in Newcastle and I discovered a room I never knew existed! Dee looked amazing and cried during the ceremony setting everyone else off, even Mandy and I!! It was a very relaxed and intimate ceremony and reminded me of my own. Dee had the most amazing bridesmaids I've come across they were so attentive to the bride and looked after the little flowergirls all day who obviously adored their older counterparts! The reception flowed seemlessly into the evening where Dee and Steven took the dance floor to the Wanndies and their 'You and Me song' - perfect for a first dance if you ask me. So here are some shots I took......oh and have I mentioned the cake??? OMG my mouth was watering all day. And yes, I did have a sample which is another perk of photographing weddings.

By Karen McGowran for Mandy Charlton Photography

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Sunday, 17 August 2008

Boys!!! Can't get enough of 'em

Now now calm down! The last boy born into my immediate family was 28 years ago! So I loved spending time with Adam and Alex. Their Mum, Sarah, is a great friend of mine and inbetween gossiping I took these shots (actually I took loads but these are by favourites)

Happy First Anniversary to Claire and David Sharp!

I can't believe it's been a year since Claire and David's awesome wedding at Linden Hall on 9th August 2007. It was the second best wedding of 2007 although Claire will tell you otherwise! Claire and David let me practice my photography skills (and I use that term loosely!) on them and they didn't turn out too bad. Here's some of my faves...

Oh and did I mention there is a mini Sharp on the way? God help us!!!

Rachel and Jonathan

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We've had such horrible weather this summer but the sun shone for Rachel and Andrew! This was the first time I used my new flashgun properley and it's a great piece of kit. Indoors shots are a doddle now......ok will not quite a doddle but they are improving.

Dads....they often get over looked during the fuss over the bride and groom. This proud Father-of-the-Bride was carefully going over his speech while around him all were primping and preening! The hard work paid off through - his speech was first class and made Mum cry buckets. Awwwww.....

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The weather was so good that Mandy was able to take the newly-weds to the Quayside for some very romantic shots. I was chief bouquet holder and sneaked in some creative practice.

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Jonathan looking very dapper!

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Weddings are very emotional and Rachel just couldn't hold back the tears as she arrived at the church.

Rachael and Andrew

This was my second wedding and I faced the biggest nightmare or newbie photographers.....poor lighting!! I learned a lot from this wedding, mainly that the pop up flash is totally useless. The direct flash from this little contraption is too strong for a fill flash and just washes out the whole shot. The other thing I realised I needed was a longer lens. So after this wedding I bought an SB6Click here to visit Mandy Charlton Designs00 and a 55-200mm lens! I wasn't very happy with my efforts but nevermind - without this I wouldn't have been able to improve.

Rachael and Andrew are a great couple with a very warm and friendly family. Both Mandy and myself were made to feel like we were part of the family and I really appreciated that.

This is a shot of their first dance and yes it is a little wonky LOL!

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This wedding had a very big 'pink' theme and the flowers where beautiful and very pretty

Louise and Matthew's Wedding

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This was my first wedding and it was an amazing day. It was very relaxed as there was no sit down meal which gave a lovely informal feel to the day. The Bride was stunning and the groom looked good too!

I was perfectly placed for this shot (ie relaxing in a chair when the cake cutting too place!). Don't they look cute?

Oh, by the way...what do you think of the frame on the photo? I've been playing around with them and trying a few different ones out - settled on this one for the moment but I expect you will see a few different ones as time goes by.

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Now I LOVE details. Those of you who attended my own wedding in 2007 would definately agree. When I saw this gorgeous flowergirl's dress I will amazing butterfly wings I couldn't resist a shot.

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A wedding is not a wedding without a Flowergirl...they are so adorably cute. Here's one I prepared earlier!

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This little guest was so cute (and only a little bit shy). I could have photographed him all day!

Hello World!

Well get me! A blog of my very own! It's very exciting and I am looking forward to sharing special moments with friends and family.

This summer I had a very very unique offer......'Will you assist me photographing weddings?' was the question posed by Mandy Charlton. Of course the answer was yes!!! What better way to improve my photography and learn as I go along?

Photographing weddings is amazing. You are right at the heart of a couple's special day and you get to see emotion as first hand. Everyone is happy and joyful and that really rubs off on you giving you a fantastic 'high'. I have to admit to a few tears during a ceremony or speech (speeches really get to me - more than the ceremony probablty due to the personal aspect).