Saturday, 28 February 2009

Boudoir......Ooo la la!

I've been talking about Boudoir photography quite a bit recently and I always get asked what it entails. Basicially I create tasteful, sensual images of women looking hot in their lingerie! As you can see from the shoot below, my Boudoir ladies are not naked but looking extremely sexy, glamourous and celebrating their gorgeousness!

And then I get asked why? Well many women present their sexy album to their husbands to be on the night before their wedding or as an anniversary or birthday gift. Some ladies just want to look and feel amazing for other reason!

My Boudoir sessions are fun and relaxing and you never reveal more than you want. I have a home studio so you can bring a friend, we can enjoy a glass of wine and play some of your favourite tunes and just gave a girly giggle. All men are banned!

See for more details and VERY reasonable prices.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Happy Birthday Christy

On this very day, 17 years ago, I met the one person who totally changed my life forever. My daughter.

I just can't believe she is now on the brink of becoming and adult and it's so very true when they say time flies. Christy is a typical teenager - complete with a messy bedroom, ipod superglued in her ear, a busy life that changes from from minute to the next (and god help you if you dont keep up!) - and watching her grow and find her way around her world has been nothing but amazing. She is my one and only and I am so excited for the future and whatever that may bring.

Happy Birthday babe and dont drink too much!!!!!!

I'm going to blow my own trumpet again - sorry!

This week I've been delighted to see my photos being used to create masterpieces with Moonpig. Firstly Malcolm designed an great Valentines card for Lisa then yesterday, while baby visiting, I was shown some cards made with my bump photos! I was very impressed!

Monday, 16 February 2009

A lovely 'thank you'

I am always so happy when my lovely customers tell me they adore my photos. So I was smiling from ear to ear yesterday when Annabel sent me this lovely message. Just thought I would share it with you all!


I cannot begin to find the words to thank you for an amazing, FANTASTIC set of pictures from what has been (and still is!) the most AMAZING weekend of my life - by far!

You were so professional, yet so friendly and funny - you had us all feeling at ease almost immediately and we all, and I mean, every single one of us, had such a good laugh!

I am sat with my hen's now looking through all the pics - and we're having a super fab time recalling (mostly) the events of yesterday.

I'll be in touch very soon - thank you so very much once again. We are ALL so very excited about the wedding :)

Lots of love, Bel :) XXXX

Annabel's Hen Party - What a hoot!!!

Annabel is very excited about her wedding next month and last weekend she celebrated in style with her hens at the gorgeous and stylish Moo House near Beadnell on the beautiful Northumberland coast. Now, these are classy ladies and here's me thinking that there wont be a L plate or blow up 'meat and two veg' in wrong I was!!!! Annabel was trussed up in the finest Hen Party accessories money can buy and, after a short posing lesson, we set off to the beach to scare the locals. We had a few funny looks and a couple of dogs came sniffing around but then it was down to the action and boy do these girls know how to enjoy themselves on a chilly beach in February! I thought I'd accidentally walked in on the shoot of America's Next Top Model!!!! (although I am no Tyra Banks hehe)....but we had so much fun and I can't wait to meet everyone again next month in Whitby.

Would you like me photograph your Hen Party?
See for more details.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Victoria and Barry - and an amazing first dance!

Victoria and Barry were married at Matfen Hall on Saturday 31st January and what I fantastic day everyone had! Matfen Hall is a stunning venue with a massive, impressive, gothic Great Hall with the most amazing staircase. Perfect for a jaw dropping entrance! The other great thing about this venue is the size of the Bridal Suite.....there is room for the Bride, 3 Bridesmaids, 2 excited page boys, Mam and Dad, hairdresser, make up artist and 3 photographers!!! PHEW!

It was freezing but we still managed to get outside for some shots......but only a few and we quickly scurried back to the roaring fire indoors. Later on that night the happy couple took to the floor for their first dance which started as a lovely waltz....then broke out into a funky cool dance...surprising everyone and it was AWESOME!! They'd obviously practiced for ages and I thought it was the best first dance ever! I only wish I'd flicked my camera into movie mode but I am sure someone else captured it. If It ever makes it's way onto uTube then I'll share it here for you.

Below are some of my favourites from the day....and I make no apologies for having a black and White moment!