Sunday, 14 September 2008

Nina and Stephen at Longhirst Hall

I've never shot a wedding at Longhirst Hall and was really looking forward to it and the weather behaved itself allowing us to take the group photos outside. Longhirst Hall is a lovely place to get married but the hall where you get married is a nightmare to photograph in for a 'trainee' like me!! It's romantic and atmospheric but very dark. This was an interesting wedding shoot because I was up on the gallery shooting down and that's how I got the shot of Stephen slipping on the wedding ring. Also the gorgeous Lily was sitting on the gallery entranced by the proceedings clutching her confetti. I like to think she was dreaming of being a bride one day.....

I thought the Bridesmaid's dresses were stunning and I loved the colour. Maybe my favourite colour this year?

Karen McGowran for Mandy Charlton Photography

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