Thursday, 4 February 2010

Another album arrives...

This is my last album from 2009 this time I remembered to take a couple of shots before it finds a new home with Katie and Frankie. This was a winter wedding at Slaley Hall with most of the photography taken after the sun had gone down.

This album is the most popular type of album - the digital story book. It has the images printed directly onto stiff pages and comes with an acrylic cover giving it a luxurious feel. The pages lie flat when open, allowing me to design across the whole spread which can look very dramatic!

Usually photographers provide you with proofs of your images and ask you to choose your favourite 50 images for your album. Anyone who has actually had to do this will tell you how hard this is...and very time consuming. From a photographers point of view the client might choose many images from one part of the day making it hard to design the 'story of the day'.

So I do things a little different. When shooting your wedding I have your album in mind and shoot images that I think will make beautiful spreads. I look for colours, details, sequences (like confetti shots) and any other story telling opportunities. The next step is to process all your photos and at the same time I will design your album as I saw it on the day. At the same time I release your online gallery, I will also show you the album design. At this point you can either say 'Karen, that's amazing, we love it, can you order it now please!' or you can let me know which images you want to swap.

This makes it much easier for you as if you are looking at a page that has photos of the groom and the best man waiting outside the church, you only need to look at those particular images and let me know which image you'd like instead. This 'like for like' swapping is much quicker and gives me the chance to design a beautiful album for you.




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