Sunday, 21 December 2008

Happy Xmas to friends old and new

2008 has be a great year! I've eventually had the opportunity to develop my photography skills thanks to Mandy Charlton , Gordon and Rona Bright (The Bright Image) and Gill Taylor. I've created some lovely images for friends and family freezing those memories forever. I get a huge kick from seeing my photos displayed proudly so keep sending them to never know they might end up the subject of a blog post.

My Dad has continued to recover from his heart by pass surgery in 2007 which is a huge relief but he still needs to embrace life and look at life with more positive specs on LOL! We've holidayed for the first time together as a family of 4 in Corfu then had our 1st anniversary holiday snatched away 5 days before when XL collapses. Christie, my 16 year old daughter, has left school and is now doing A levels at college and I am so proud of the young woman she has become....except for the piercings of course!!! Neil got promoted and finally earns more than me again. My step-daughter Lauren is a joy to be around and it's lovely to see her growing up. Lola and Bea, the minxy duo, continue to astound me by their cuteness and seeing them every Thursday is one of the hightlights of my week.

2009 is fast approaching and it looks like a very busy year. 10 weddings to shoot plus many more with Gordon and Rona. I've also got Trash the Dress shoots lined up and going to try out some Boudoir too.....oooh la la!! So it's all VERY exciting. I'm also planning some gorgeous new camera equipment and that always gets my heart pumping.

So the year ends with a wedding in Cheshire with the highly talented Gill Taylor who has asked me to tag along to a wedding at an amazing venue. I really appreciate the help and support I've received from fellow photographers as I stary my journey and long may it continue!

And for my 2009 brides.....enjoy the planning and the excitement on the run up to your big day! I loved planning our wedding and walking down the aisle to marry the man of your dreams is just amazing and I am really excited to be there with you when it all happens. It's going to be fun!!

So Happy Christmas and I hope Santa is good to you all xxx

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southernlass said...

I've just seen the 'bump' pictures you've done for one of the girls on 'confetti'. I'm gutted you're not in my area, but wanted to leave a note to say i think your photography is amazing, and happy new year!