Monday, 25 May 2009

Horton Grange plays host to the new Mr and Mrs Findley

This was an eagerley awating wedding as it look me back to the place I was married in 2007. It was lovely as the Bride and Groom invited my husband in the evening too as they knew it was a special place for us. Horton Grange is an intimate county house hotel just a short drive from Newcastle Airport. The beauty of the place is in it's contemporary decor, beautiful gardens, amazing food and the fact that the place is completely yours for 24 hours. It's a bit of a secret really so dont go telling everyone!! It was incredibly moving going back there for the first time since we got married and I am going back there again next month and very much looking forward to it.

Over the generations we've moved on a lot and it's very common now for your children to be at your wedding (unlike my parents era!!). Sharon and Stephen were privileged to have 4 children at their wedding of various ages and they made beautiful bridesmaids and pageboys and great photographic subjects!

Another special part of the day was some very moving perfomances from their young friends. first up was an angelic young man singing Nessun Dorma....yes you read right! Next up was Chelsea, a 16 year old Bridesmaid who got up to sing an fantastic version of Whitney Houstons 'I have Nothing' I swear there wasn't a dry eye in the house after those two! Finally all the Hens got up to perform well practiced moves to Madonna's True Blue. It was fantasic and they all got a standing ovation! It's moments like this that make a wedding truly unforgettable.
For this wedding I was only in attendance for 3 hours in the evening so it's great to see what can be created in such a short time. And it's good to know that my 3 hour Petite package is only a credit crunching £400 which includes prints!

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