Saturday, 5 September 2009

Tracey and Richard's Album

I post many wedding images but I've never posted some album spreads! So I am going to show you how I design my albums and how yours could look if you choose something similar for your big day. The album spreads below are from Tracy and Richard's beautiful wedding at St Joseph's Church and Derwent Manor. They were a very friendly and loving couple and this could be seen in the many many friends and family who turned out to help them celebrate. The weather wasn't great so we did some smaller formals inside then we just had enough time for some amazing Bride and Groom portraits inbetween the showers. I left before the evening party started but I know they went on to have a great party!

This album is a 12 x 8 inches with 25 double page spreads. So when opened it's 2 feet across! The images are printed directly on to stiff pages giving it a very modern and contemporary look. It also has a acrylic cover over the front page image which looks like glass and makes the album fairly heavy but very luxurious.

I've shown the first 5 pages. To see the whole album please click HERE and enter the password 'walshalbum'.

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