Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Tracey's Cherish the Dress Shoot

I know you LOVE your wedding dress....and why should you only wear it once? It's way too beautiful to be left at the back of your wardrobe. Before you send it to the cleaners, why not wear it one more time and make it the centre of attention once again. Without the hustle and bustle of the wedding day we can take out time and create amazing portraits in a unusual location...and have loads of fun in the process!

Tracey adores and her dress and her lovely new hubby bought her this experience as a wedding present...fab idea! So we hit lucky on a beautiful sunny breezy day on the coast and Tracey totally rocked it! And you'll be pleased to know her dress was no dirty after this shoot than it was after her wedding day.
This is not Trash the Dress...this is Cherish the Dress!
Would you like to have a similar experience? Maybe on the beach like Tracey or a woodland/lake setting? Or what about a hip and trendy urban location? Shoots from only £150. Contact me on for a chat about what I can do for you....and your dress!

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