Monday, 24 November 2008 out for the snowballs when he's around!

I was very excited to wake up on Sunday morning and see a layer of snow everywhere knowing this would make for a more exciting photoshoot.....especially with a 5 year old.

So we have the basic ingredient of snow, add Harry and mix in a large dollop of high jinx and a sprinkle on some cheeky cuteness. Garnish with a photographer dressed for the North Pole and there you have it!

We had a great time and Harry is a great shot with those one point one landed right on the end of my lens. Thank god I had the filter on!

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M Paul said...

I love these shots, nice happy stuff, great memories beautifully captured. You are really getting the hang of the composition too. They do say it takes 10,00 hours to get good at something and although you say you are 'new' to photography I can't help but think you must have put in some sort of similar effort elsewhere, art maybe?
I tell you, it shows. ;)