Tuesday, 11 November 2008

No Turkey thanks to XL - But rainy London was great!

Many of you already know that we lost our first anniversary holiday to Turkey when XL went under but not to be beaten we went to York instead. But afterwards LLoydsTSB were 'kind' enough to give us our money back so off we went to London! It was a busy weekend in the capital what with the Lord Mayor's Parade and Rememberance Sunday so we tried to avoid the crowds while remembering those who lost their lives fighting for our country in our own way. As per usual the camera came with me and I chose the D40 as it's a amazing camera especially for travelling as it's so light. I missed my zoom lens though and tried to make do with the kit lens. Not great but I was only shooting snaps remember!! We visited St Paul's Cathedral (beautiful), The Tate Modern (no wonder that place is free!!!), Greenwich (pretty and great markets), Covent Garden (loads going on) and load of shops and bars. I've sneaked a photo of my hubby in too....well we have been married now for 1 year and 2 months and he still looks quite good!

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