Monday, 17 November 2008

Tony and Donna hit Newcastle's Quayside

It was November 16th and we were ready for whatever the british weather could throw at us and guess what? It was blazing sunshine! Let's hope this bodes well for Tony and Donna's wedding in June 2010....

Tony and Donna are a lovely couple just starting out on life's journey together with a new house and a wedding date set so it was a great time to capture them looking all smoochy together. We took a trip to the Quayside which is a amazing place for a photoshoot and ended up in the park opposite my house (another good place to shoot) for some greenery.

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M Paul said...

No.2 that leaf and twig behind the young woman's head is distracting. It's not easy taking in the whole scene, making adjustments and still capturing the moment, so don't fret over it. ;)