Thursday, 11 March 2010

Karen McGowran Photography featured on 'Love My Dress'

Love My Dress is a Style Diary delivering content related to weddings, art and fashion,inspiring everyone that stops by. Love My Dress has rapidly become an online resource synonymous with fresh and inspirational content - a place where readers can grab a snippet of escapism on a daily basis, and discover fabulous new finds. The wonderful Style Diary is the brain child of one of my 2008 brides, Annabel. This is what she has to say about her 'baby'....

"Love My Dress takes a step away from the usual ‘wedding blog', by focussing purely on providing inspiration and avoiding offering 'advice'; the content is a hybrid of information spanning weddings, fashion and art, and we only publish content that we feel represents the essence of Love My dress and that truly inspires us too. If it features in this little style diary, then it's something pretty splendid."

So I was over the moon (to say the least) to have Jane and Gareth Trow's wedding featured on Love my Dress.

CLICK HERE to read the article and find out more about this fantastic stylish blog.

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