Sunday, 3 October 2010

A new service...Photo Corner!

Pick and prop....and pose!!!
This is a great was to get the party started and your guests will have a blast! I set up a mini studio in a corner of your room and tempt your guests with a huge range of props...maybe you like the look of the pink afro or maybe the massive glasses are your thing? You might want to write a message to the newlyweds on the heart chalkboard? It could be the inflatable guitars that float your boat....there is something for everyone and the old and young all like getting involved!

Photos are available online the following morning for guests to look at and order and the Bride and Groom received a photobook with all the images. What a fantastic reminder of how daft your guests are! The price of the Photo Corner and book is £150.00 when booked with all day coverage.


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