Saturday, 28 February 2009

Boudoir......Ooo la la!

I've been talking about Boudoir photography quite a bit recently and I always get asked what it entails. Basicially I create tasteful, sensual images of women looking hot in their lingerie! As you can see from the shoot below, my Boudoir ladies are not naked but looking extremely sexy, glamourous and celebrating their gorgeousness!

And then I get asked why? Well many women present their sexy album to their husbands to be on the night before their wedding or as an anniversary or birthday gift. Some ladies just want to look and feel amazing for other reason!

My Boudoir sessions are fun and relaxing and you never reveal more than you want. I have a home studio so you can bring a friend, we can enjoy a glass of wine and play some of your favourite tunes and just gave a girly giggle. All men are banned!

See for more details and VERY reasonable prices.

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