Monday, 16 February 2009

Annabel's Hen Party - What a hoot!!!

Annabel is very excited about her wedding next month and last weekend she celebrated in style with her hens at the gorgeous and stylish Moo House near Beadnell on the beautiful Northumberland coast. Now, these are classy ladies and here's me thinking that there wont be a L plate or blow up 'meat and two veg' in wrong I was!!!! Annabel was trussed up in the finest Hen Party accessories money can buy and, after a short posing lesson, we set off to the beach to scare the locals. We had a few funny looks and a couple of dogs came sniffing around but then it was down to the action and boy do these girls know how to enjoy themselves on a chilly beach in February! I thought I'd accidentally walked in on the shoot of America's Next Top Model!!!! (although I am no Tyra Banks hehe)....but we had so much fun and I can't wait to meet everyone again next month in Whitby.

Would you like me photograph your Hen Party?
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