Friday, 10 April 2009

Don't Trash it....Cherish it!!

Right, so you spend months searching for the right dress.....fall in love with it, spend a small fortune and look forward to wearing it on the most important day of your life. You look amazing and marry the man of your dreams. Then what? The dress gets shoved in a box? Maybe it's still hanging in your wardrobe?
Remember the feeling you got when your wore your dress on your wedding day? Rachael did and wanted to feel that all over again. She loved her dress and it's clear to see why - it's a beautiful creation that made her look like a princess. So we took off to Tynemouth beach early one sunny morning and boy did we Cherish that Dress! Rachael was able to relax knowing we weren't going to ruin the dress but also happy that she didn't have to keep it pristine (like she did on her wedding day) and the change of scenery really made that gown stand out. We had so much fun and Rachael had a ball!

Here are a few shots from that day and if you want to Cherish your Dress after your wedding day and celebrate all it's gorgeousness then drop me an email on You can have a 2 hour shoot with many images on a CD for £150. Or why not push the boat out and get a canvas or photobook too?

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