Thursday, 16 April 2009

Karen and Lee

Last week Karen and Lee tied the knot at The Vermont in Newcastle upon Tyne and I think they made a very good choice for many reasons.....the ceremony room is beautiful and the light is great (always good for photographers!), it's right next door to the Castle and the Castle Keep and you can get onto the roof giving great views of the city and bridges and all this provides some great opportunities for amazing photos that other venues just can't match.

This was an interesting wedding as Karen is from Sydney and Lee is a home grown boy. So we had both sides of the world coming together to celebrate their marriage and it was lovely to meet Karen's Mum and Sister especially - very friendly and welcoming! The day went without any problems (except for the bridal jewellery being left in Swindon and a locksmith having to break into Karen and Lee's house to get it!!) and we hit lucky with the weather too so we got to do the group shots on the steps to the old court building. Check out Karen's boots! Awesome!

The happy couple jetted off to Mauritius on a luxurious honeymoon and I am only a little bit jealous! I and sure you'll join me to wish Karen and Lee many many years of wedded bliss.

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