Friday, 17 April 2009

Lee turns 21....and celebrates with a photoshoot with all his mates

When you are 21 life is great! I can just about remember that far back and I would have loved to have captured that moment in time like Lee chose to. There are faces I remember from back them who were a big part of my life and it would have been really special to look back now and recall all those memories and people who helped to make my early 20s such good fun.

So...12 lads on the Quayside in the glorious sunshine...what more could a girl ask for? These lads have the world at their feet and embrace life and all it brings and know how to party! (and I've seen the Facebook pictures and believe me we are talking PARTY). One of them was on leave from Afghanistan so it was a perfect time to get them all together.

Here are my 3 faves...I couldn't resist a family shot at the end even though Mam and Dad had no idea but it's made for a very relaxed portrait and I know they love it.

Happy Birthday Lee..and keep partying!

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