Sunday, 5 July 2009

Rajvir and Baldeep

OK this was some wedding!! This was a three day wedding but I was only hired for the 3rd and last day when the actual wedding happened. Indian weddings are an assault on your senses! The smells, the colourful sights of all the wonderful saris and the sounds of the Indian music blasting out really made this a unique and jaw dropping day for me. Rajvir was a beautiful bride who did her best to follow all the traditions (although being a modern woman she did put her twist on a few things!) and I felt priviledged to be part of it all. We started out at Rajvir's parents where I was lucky to have time for some bridal portraits then it was off the the ceremony at the temple in Sunderland. The place was packed out with a sea of colour and athough the cermony lasted a couple of hours (and it was very hot!) I found it fascinating. Then we ended up at The Hilton with at least 600 guests who were treat to the most scrumptious Indian food and a banging dancefloor which was my favourite thing of the whole day!

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